I believe I am now furnished with better awareness of the dynamics of group situations and the roles that leaders and followers play.

Undoubtedly, this awareness will help me to make more informed and superior decisions in the future.

MBS Management and Marketing student

‘Leadership and Followership’ program at University College Cork

Training & Workshops

We use a mixture of taught lectures, skills and application sessions and experiential learning sessions.

During different parts of our training, the architecture and tools for learning are provided but participation and experimentation by the members is what provides the platform for deep learning and the application of the theoretical material.

Each training program is different. We don’t use a cookie cutter approach where training ‘rolled out’. We work with you to provide what you need. However, common themes do come up with regularity.

  • Dynamics of leadership and followership
  • The location and application of authority
  • The effects of anxiety on a system
  • The dynamics of changing personnel and leadership
  • Managing change
  • Problems with the staff team
  • Low morale and resilience

Training can work as a powerful intervention. By gaining more knowledge about how you work in your organizations and how the dynamics inherent in all systems play out, possible interventions and how to achieve lasting change soon become clear.

We offer training in a variety of formats

  • Away days
  • Short workshops on specific themes identified by the client as an area for improvement or where there is a gap in knowledge

One to three day training programs that can transform teams on deep and lasting levels.

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