The approach, knowledge and skills have provided space for the teams to explore and reflect on some genuinely difficult and complex issues.  This has been done in such a way that they have been left with an improved understanding of the impact of the work and how they operate in light of this.

As well as enabling the individuals and teams to manage the stresses of their work more effectively, ultimately the input provided has also improved their ability to operate safely and in the interest of their clients.

Barney Well

Director of EASL, (Enabling Assessment Service London)

Organizational Consultation

Sometimes an organisation feels that something is not working, that it is stuck, or that it could being doing better than it is. In these situations some consultancy can move things forward.

Consultation consists of a number of meeting with teams and/or sub groups within an organization and often separate meetings with leadership figures. Usually an issue or a number of issues is identified by the organization in advance and it is these themes that are worked on during the change process.

By careful analysis of both the organizational systems and the boundaries between them, and also the underlying dynamics of the staff, a picture of the causality of the issues & the way to address them begins to emerge.

We look to foster creativity, imagination and innovative solutions to problem solving. We help organizations explore where and how they might move out of previous problematic situations and move towards new competencies and face new challenges implicit in strategic change.

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