life coaching

You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself

Galileo Galilei

Executive & Management Coaching

People come to coaching for a wide variety of reasons. Some feel like they have lost their ‘mojo’ and are having difficulty with confidence in their role. Some may be overwhelmed and stressed and need help understanding how best to move forward in a complicated organization.

Whatever the presenting issue, coaching will help you identify the crucial underlying issues, bring clarity to the current context, and work towards realistic and attainable solutions.

In many cases a short course of as little as five to ten coaching sessions is enough to make real positive shifts and provide clients with new insights that can be relied on well beyond the end of the final session.

Coaching is a one to one non-judgmental conversation that takes place in a private and confidential setting that will help you explore your dilemmas and possible solutions in a secure and neutral space.

Each coaching relationship is unique and tailored with precision to the individual client and their current challenges and aims.

Some areas that might be considered are:

Clients relationship with their own, and others authority

  • Adapting to a new role
  • Styles of leadership & followership
  • Managing change
  • Understanding conflict
  • Breaking free from negative cycles

Coaching has become a ubiquitous term and it can be difficult to define. Ben Neal & Associates offer high quality, qualified, supervised coaching that gets results.

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