Ben Neal & Associates are a group of highly skilled and experienced consultants, coaches, and training providers.

Working across private and public sectors we provide psychologically informed solutions to the difficulties faced by organizations and the individuals that work within them.

The first step is to make an assessment of your needs and what will be most helpful for you. Will individual coaching, consultation to a team, some training, or a combination be the best approach?

Each client, whether an individual or an organization will have different needs and an initial conversation about your current dilemmas will inform the best way forward.

Initial conversation to ascertain if we are the right people for you is FREE.

Step two is about carefully analysing the context and content of the issues you face, going beneath the surface and discovering what is driving the problem. This process can take a number of different forms but we tailor the approach specifically to you and your needs and untangle the complexities you are facing.

Step three is about working together on addressing the issues at play by making real interventions, measurable gains, and sustainable goals.

Executive & Management Coaching

People come to coaching for a wide variety of reasons. Some feel like they have lost their ‘mojo’ and are having difficulty with confidence in their role.

Organizational Consultation

Sometimes an organisation feels that something is not working, that it is stuck, or that it could being doing better than it is…

Our Associates

Between us we have access to a network of individuals who excel in their respective fields…

Training & Workshops

We use a mixture of taught lectures, skills and application sessions and experiential learning sessions.

Psychological Solutions for Helping Individuals and Organizations

Check our blog for news updates, tips and more…

Initial consultaion by phone is free of charge

Thank you so much for running the sessions at both of our projects, I heard as always very good and positive feedback from the team, these sessions are being massively helpful developing the teams and making reflect on their day to day practice, I cannot express how much I love what you are doing with us and the benefits from everyone involved.

Senior Manager, St Mungo's - Broadway


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